Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo--Day Three, and the End

Well, I gave it my best shot.

Today was even worse than yesterday.  After I made my blog post, I at least was able to write another 1,200 words, but for what?  The comments came in this morning on the first chapter for critique that I'd posted yesterday, and the consensus?  Bin it, nothing worth saving.  One guy said there was absolutely no grace to my sentence structure.  In other words, can't string together two words.

I am now giving up writing, period.

Thank-you for reading.


  1. I hope you're being sarcastic.

    Because really? Who gives a shit what other people think? Especially on a first chapter of a first draft.

    Write for you. Write the whole story from beginning to end just because it's fun and because you can. Then, only if you want to, polish it up and let others read it.

    Just don't quit.

  2. Being totally serious.

    Aren't there enough hack writers, without my clogging up the pipeline, too?

    There's been one man in particular on another site, that has been RELENTLESS, and I mean, at it non-stop for nearly FIVE weeks now, quoting parts of my book on Amazon in the forum, just to show everyone what a shit writer I am. And tonight was THAT final straw--he downloaded BITCH, the story I already published in 2004 in an anthology, and FABRICATED MISTAKES IN IT, just so he could hold it up as the piss-poor piece of writing that it was.

    I just cannot take being told what a worthless writer I am anymore. I have feelings, too. And it's been relentless, sometimes 3 and 4 posts in one day, and it's gone on nearly 5 out of 7 days for the last 5 weeks.

    I'm so tired, and I'm getting nothing encouraging to help me keep going.

  3. And what exactly gives him the right to say anything about your work? Is he published? An editor? Or just a... okay, I could insert a lot of words there. You pick your favorite.

    He must be kind of pathetic if all he can do with his day is belittle someone else and attack their writing...

    Yeah, it sucks to have someone criticize you. No doubt. But I just looked at your website, and it seems like more people like you than dislike you. Focus on the positive, maybe?

    If you quit writing, you're letting him win. Re-read something that you did an awesome job on. Re-read comments or reviews that make you smile. Then start writing again. Stop looking at whatever this prick is saying about you, even if that's tough.

    Keep writing because that's an awesome way to kick his ass...

  4. PS - He downloaded your story, right? So you made money from him? Score for you!

  5. He used to run a manuscript critiquing service. I've never had much confidence in my abilities, so this was inevitable, I think.

    He only downloaded the sample.

  6. Carla, I would not worry about what one JERK says. Obviously he has a problem. Don't let it get to you. I enjoy reading your stories as do a lot of other people. Keep up the good work and just ignore this guy. Maybe the fact that he USED (past tense) to run a critiquing service says it all.Be strong my friend and don't let one jerk bring you down. I agree with everything Erin wrote..
    I won't put down what I really want to call this guy.
    Chin up and keep writing!

  7. Thanks, D and Erin.

    I reported him to the site administrators and they've assured me they are going to force this guy to cease and desist his "less than constructive critiquing style," or force him to face sanctions.

    I've also decided to push forward with the novel, in spite of the fact that I'm no longer excited about it. Even if it's shite, at least on November 30, I'll still *have* one to revise and make better.

    Crap, this is hard!