Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo--Day Eight, and finally hitting my stride

Word count totals so far:  8,326.  I'm still behind the average, but have now knocked out 3,355 today alone, with another thousand to come later tonight, thus finishing chapter four.

Now that I've changed my normal writing place from the sofa with a cat and a laptop to my desktop where I have readily-available research at my fingertips, the writing is going much more smoothly with less hiccups than before. 

Research always trips me up, and it's never one of those things I can do before-hand, since I never know until I actually sit down to write just how I might need certain information or how I might incorporate that into the writing.  So I usually avoid it until it's needed.

Anyway, pushing forward, and should be caught up again by tomorrow.  Have a nice evening, peeps.

And for your viewing pleasure, yet another photo of my Honeybump (next week, Playdoh).

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